Handmade Cards For Charity


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I make handmade greeting cards.

Over the years, I’ve attended classes at a local craft shop. A couple of years ago, the owner of that craft shop was diagnosed with breast cancer. That meant she had to undergo chemotherapy for several weeks.

In the process of her chemo, she found her life was turned upside down.  She could no longer run her business in the same manner – she had to rely on other people to help her out.  She couldn’t cook meals like before, and couldn’t drive herself to appointments etc as she’d done before. Even simple tasks like washing and ironing were almost impossible for her.

In short, she had to rely on family and friends to do things she’d taken for granted in the past.

From that experience, an idea formed. She decided she wanted to find a way to give back to those people who helped her out. Since card making was her livelihood, it made sense that she would make cards for each person.

And that was great.  But what about the other patients at the oncology ward who couldn’t do the same thing?

That was the start of the “Card Angels”.

A group of us who attend that craft shop decided to put our hobby skills to good use.  We make “thank you” cards that we seal in clear plastic card bags, including an envelope.  These are placed in a solid box, and left in the oncology ward for the patients to take as they need them, and give to their family and friends as a token of appreciation.

This takes very little time for each of us, but brings a world of satisfaction. Just yesterday I dropped off about 100 cards (including around a dozen of mine), and refilled the box.

The moment I finished, people were looking for cards they could take. Most of the cards are fairly simple, but can make a huge different to the patients involved.

On this post you can see just two of the cards I’ve made and donated for the “Card Angels” supply.

There are many charities around that accept card donations.  One that comes to mind is “Operation Write Home” where cards are made for soldiers posted overseas to send home to their loved ones on a variety of occasions i.e. birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc. Here’s the link for those interested in finding out more about Operation Write Home:  http://operationwritehome.org/

Next time I’ll show you how easy some of the cards are to make.



Do It The Way Grandma Did

Good morning,

Another tip from my grandmother.

If your feet are aching. Why not soak your tootsies in a couple of litres of hot water with half a cup of cyder vinegar added to it.

I write historical romance, so I love these old-fashion tips.

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