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FirstDegreeInnocenceFirst Degree Innocence by Ginger Simpson
a Contemporary Mystery Romance

Sentenced to ten years for a crime she didn’t commit, will Carrie Lang find someone who believes in her innocence? Experience the cold, gray walls, a devilish matron, the prison bully, and a scheme that pits Carrie against the closest friend she has inside. What part will her surprise visitor play in Carrie’s bid for freedom?
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Romantic Suspense Author Cheryl Wright

cheryl-wright-croppedAs someone who has been married to the same person for a little over 38 years, love is very important to me.

It’s the little things that bring people together, and the little things that help keep them that way.

A chocolate left on a pillow, a box of chocolates for no reason, (do you see a pattern forming here? LOL), flowers just for the heck of it, a love note left in a lunchbox.

Let your partner know how much they mean to you, but don’t only do that on Valentine’s Day.  Make your love show through on a daily basis, because after all, love definitely does make the world go around.


Here’s the ‘first kiss’ scene from my romantic suspense novel, Running Scared:

Emma filled the electric jug with water, turned it on and began to prepare the cups. She jumped, startled, as he came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her.

Noting her reaction, Gary realized it was not the first time he had startled her with very little effort.

“I’ve made a decision,” she told him.

Gary was at full attention. “And what’s that?”

“That you are very pushy.”

“I know what I want and go after it. And, I usually get what I want. Anyway,” he grinned at her, “you want it too.”

Emma’s jaw dropped open. “How can you say that?” she demanded. “I haven’t done anything to encourage you.”

“Liar! You wanted me to kiss you earlier. You know, at the park,” A smile creased his lips. “…before we were rudely interrupted.”

Emma’s cheeks flooded with color. He knew what she’d been thinking when they were standing alone, waiting for Sally’s ride to finish. He’d leaned into her, his mouth open in preparation. Just as she had parted her lips slightly, some damned kid with his damned ball interrupted them.

Gary spun her around in his arms. Their bodies were close, it felt right. Her hips gently touched his, her breasts softly pushed against his chest. She lifted her hands and put them against him, then gently pushed while arching her back away from him.

She was one hell of a woman, but boy, was she ever confused. When he looked into her eyes, she seemed to be pleading with him. Pleading for what? For him to kiss her? To hold her closer? For him to leave her alone?

He shook his head. Nah—she wanted him.

Gary leaned into her and claimed her mouth. His hands came up around her back, pulling her closer still.

Emma’s hands slid up from his chest and looped around his neck, her fingers sliding through his long hair, which tonight hung loose on his shoulders.

Gary began to massage Emma’s back with one hand, the other swimming in her silky brown locks. Emma’s eyes were closed, she was finally relaxing. He pulled her closer still.

The kettle began to emit a high-pitched whistle, and Emma suddenly pulled back, breathless. He looked down into her face. He was as breathless as she was, but his lips curled in amusement. “Still trying to deny what we both know?”

Emma touched her fingers to her lips. “I, er, have to make the coffee,” she said. “The jug’s boiled.”

He still held her in his arms, reluctant to let go as the whistling kettle continued to scream at them.

Gary felt like a teenager, totally infatuated. Only this was more than infatuation, there was electricity between them. More than electricity; more like lightning, he mused. He knew it, but Emma still hadn’t realized. Or maybe she had? He would just have to give her time to work it out.

Gary reached over, flicked off the power switch, and the whistle slowly died. He dove forward to claim his prize once more, but Emma quickly wriggled out of his arms before he could stop her. A slow smile crept to his lips. He liked a challenge.

To read a longer excerpt or to learn more, click here.


Romance Author Rita Karnopp

RitaKarnoppI truly love Valentine’s Day because it makes me stop in my busy world and think about those I love.  In my case it’s a spouse I’ll soon be married to for forty years. Might I add it’s important to tell your children and grandchildren you love them, too.  How about those great friends you couldn’t survive without?  Here’s the opportunity – don’t miss it!




PARTISAN HEART – Book 2 – Tango of Death Series

“I am a Jew fighting for his people and I’m fighting for your people, too. I don’t need you fighting me.” He opened his arms to her.

Vanya moved into his embrace. After a long silence she lifted her face up to him and took his hard kiss. She responded with urgency and passion. He fueled the fire within her and she didn’t want to stop.

He kissed her cheek, then moved to nibble on her ear lobe.

“I love how you kiss me,” she said somewhat breathless.

He answered with a trail of kisses down her neck . . . lower and lower.  She allowed him to pop open the first few buttons on her blouse. He pinned her back against a tree and buried his face into her cleavage. The sensation shook her to the core. She should tell him to stop, but she truly didn’t want him to.

How or when he slipped the remaining buttons free, she couldn’t say.


Find GYPSY SPIRIT Book 1 Tango of Death Series  or and watch for JEWISH SOU – Book three of the Tango of Death Series soon.



Easy Valentine’s Day Card to Make

You may be aware that my hobby is cardmaking. It’s something I love to do, and find very relaxing.  I also make cards for a local gift shop, and also donate a lot of thank you cards to the oncology ward at our local hospital.  (If interested, you can read more about it here.)

Since we’re running a Valentine’s Day event, I thought this might be of interest to some.  It’s a very simple card, that just about anybody could make without too much effort.

2013-01-12-429reducedThe textured background you see here has been achieved using a Cuttlebug machine, which as a cardmaker, is a great asset.  But if you’re only making cards here and there, it’s definitely not worth the investment (from $59-$150 depending on what country you live in).

You can buy textured paper in craft shops, department stores, and places like Spotlight (in Australia), and I assume Michael’s in the US.


The music themed tape going across the page is called ‘washi tape’ and you can pick it up at any of the above mentioned stores for around $3.  It comes in all sorts of designs, and is very easy to use.

I’ve taped a piece across the card, and tucked it in underneath the textured card on each side. Then added the ‘topper’ sheet to the folded cardstock of the same colour.

Using a die (or punch), cut out some hearts in a variety of colours.  Again, these can be bought in a packet from the same stores. They’re using only a few dollars.

Next I stamped the dancing couple into one of the hearts.  This is only a portion of the stamp; it actually shows their entire bodies, but I thought it more effective like this.

The stamp is from Gina K Designs, where I buy most of my stamps, and is only $7-95 for this versatile duo set.

You can use any stamps you have on hand – this is one I use a lot.

The ‘love you’ greeting is also from Gina K Designs, and is from the True Love set. After stamping the greeting, I also added a rhinestone to the heart.

You can use any stamps for this card, I just happened to have a very large stash of stamps, so usually have something appropriate to use, no matter the occassion.

Here’s another Valentine’s Day card I made – this one was designed to be a fun and lighthearted card.  It was also very easy to make.


I hope you’ve enjoyed learning how I made the first card.  If you would like to learn more about cardmaking, visit my cardmaking blog:




Historical Romance Author Margaret Tanner

Margaret Tanner


Margaret says: Without romance the world would be a sad and lonely place.




ARoseInNoMansLand She stared into Mark’s eyes, drawn by their fierce blue, unchartered depths. “I…I love you,” she whispered, knowing full well the words were better left unsaid.

“My lovely Amy. I have nothing to offer. The first time we met, you were like a ray of sunshine brightening up my dull, jaded existence. The more I saw of you, the bigger the danger you posed to my peace of mind—that’s why I treated you harshly. I’ve fought my feelings for you,” he went on passionately. “Kept telling myself it was only lust I felt, but—my God! A man going to war shouldn’t tempt fate by lying to himself.”

He pulled her into his arms and held her close for a moment, then lowered his head, as if he couldn’t help himself. “Open your mouth, my lovely girl,” he whispered. “I want to sleep tonight with the taste of your lips on mine.”

Her arms slipped around his neck.

He feathered tiny kisses all over her face, until their lips finally clung together for one heart-stopping, sweet moment.

For a longer excerpt click here.

Valentine’s Day Contest

The following contest is being run BooksWeLove – who publish Margaret and my books.  Please check out their contest!


Books We Love’s
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romantic-valentine-wallpaperRunning now through Feb. 14, 2013. Winners announced in the Feb. 15 newsletter.

At Books We Love we LOVE our newsletter subscribers. This month, three lucky subscribers are going to win the three prizes pictured. One Chocolate Tower and one Godiva Tower. We’re also giving away a sweet bundle of five romance ebooks.

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Introducing Romance Author Louise Reynolds

LReynoldsPersonal message from Louise:  I wish everyone a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Whether your ideal day includes a beautiful box of long stemmed roses or the same sweet fistful of wildflowers you get every week, it’s wonderful to remember that love is all.



First Kiss from Her Italian Aristocrat by Louise Reynolds

Published by Destiny Romance, a digital first imprint of Penguin Books   Australia.

Her Italian Aristocrat cover

She leaned towards him, standing on tiptoes in those ridiculously sexy shoes, and ran her palms up the front of his shirt until she grabbed the lapels of his coat and jerked him towards her. Her lips parted, two lush pillows already swollen by his kiss. The soft pink tip of her tongue ran slowly across her top lip. And then returned via the bottom one. She was in total control and she knew it. He stared at the intriguing shadow of her downcast dark eyelashes on the pale, freckle-dusted skin. In a nanosecond, she raised her eyes and gave him a quick, sexy smile, before she yanked harder on the lapels and her lips met his.

No brutal assault, this was a playful, sexy tease of a kiss, as those provocative lips parted and danced across his in several soft promising buffs. He shuddered, feeling desire build deep inside and she seized the advantage, taking her kiss from playful to scorching in one powerful surge. Her tongue tangled with his, challenging him, teasing him. He might die a happy man there and then.








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