Snippet- The Cowboy and The Quaker – Margaret Tanner

I thought I would post a snippet from my Western historical novella The Cowboy And The Quaker.

Boston – 1870’s

He shouldn’t be here, not with his wedding a few days away, but before he left he wanted another taste of Rachael, his little Quaker whore. Once he returned from his honeymoon he had every intention of resuming their affair. Giving Rachael an engagement ring was a master stroke, lulled her into thinking they had a future together. His lips curled with derision, as if a man of his background would ever marry a lowly school teacher. If he was discreet he would get away with this dalliance for as long as he wanted. Discretion had got him to the position he was in today, and he intended to make it stay that way.

He removed his soft kid gloves and knocked on the door of the two roomed cottage, a hundred yards or so away from the school house. It stood on the edge of town, convenient for his clandestine, nocturnal visits.

The door swung open and there she stood, blonde hair tied back with a blue ribbon that matched her high collared demure gown. Once a Quaker always a Quaker. Her background made her all the more desirable. The allure of forbidden fruit had always appealed to him.

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FREE – Amazon- Sophie – The Soiled Doves Series

Until Sunday, my Western novella, Sophie will be free on Amazon.

Because her husband committed bigamy , Sophie is now considered a soiled dove and is forced to leave town. Captured by a group of desperadoes, she escapes and is found by Gabe Benton, a man whose life is tainted by the thirst for revenge. They fall in love, but what will happen when Gabe discovers Sophie is implicated in his wife’s death?

Gunslinger’s Daughter – New Cover – Margaret Tanner

My Western romance, Gunslinger’s Daughter, has a new cover.

On a rundown ranch, Georgina McGuire has been living a lie. She falls in love with an English aristocrat, but long held secrets have the power to ruin everything. Can these lovers overcome danger, lies and deceit to find true happiness together?