Spinster Mail-Order Brides – Book Four Now Available

Spinster Mail-Order Brides Series – Book Four
A Farmer for Christmas by Marisa Masterson

Children! Myra Smithson is tired of them. She didn’t expect to be disinherited or to end up as her brother’s unpaid nanny and cook. Thank goodness her matchmaker neighbor offers Myra a way out of the situation.

Reinhold “Holder” Sittig knows he can’t expect his terminally ill mother to care for his daughters. Following advice, he sends away for a mail-order bride. Too bad he forgets to mention his children in the letter.

What happens after this Christmas bride discovers she’s once again expected to be the unpaid nanny and cook? Will she find any tenderness from her stubborn German husband?



Spinster Mail-Order Brides – Book Three Now Available

Spinster Mail-Order Brides Series – Book Three
A Husband for Christmas by Margaret Tanner

Mail Order Bride, Victoria (Vicky) Beckworth-Jones, arrives in Virginia to meet her soon to be husband, local baker Alex Cain.

After a drunken dare, Alex writes a letter requesting a Mail Order Bride.

When Vicky turns up expecting marriage, he is shocked.

He didn’t even know his fake letter had been posted.

Who sent the letter? And why?

Being a decent, Christian man he feels he has no choice but to honor his obligation.

He will marry Vicky, but it will be a marriage in name only.

This stipulation is harder to follow than he thought.

Will a kiss under the mistletoe lead to a Christmas miracle?


Spinster Mail-Order Brides – Book Two Now Available

Spinster Mail-Order Brides Series – Book Two
A Bride for Christmas by Cheryl Wright

What’s a mail-order bride to do when she arrives at her destination and is rejected by her groom?

Homeless and destitute after the sudden death of her father, and against her better judgement, Melody Harken agrees to become a mail order bride.

Desperately lonely, widower Peter Williams applies for a mail order bride after losing his dear wife two years earlier. Guilt-ridden, he is having second thoughts. Before he can retract his request, his distressed new bride turns up in Dayton Falls without notice.

Can the beautiful stranger change his mind? And will Melody even marry him after his initial rejection?


Spinster Mail-Order Brides Book One – Now Available

Spinster Mail-Order Brides Series – Book One

A Marshal for Christmas by P. Creeden

A lonely and abused woman without a home. A Marshal who is given the sudden responsibility of two children. A mail-order bride situation that has fallen to ruin. Can Lottie find a home and a family by Christmas?

December 1880
When Lottie Reiner lost her father in the war, her mother fell to pieces. At the young age of eleven, Lottie began caring for her catatonic mother. But when both her mother and grandfather pass away months apart, Lottie becomes nothing but a burden to her family. Her grandmother pushes Lottie to get married before it’s too late. But Lottie is a twenty-seven-year-old spinster with no experience raising children. Isn’t it already too late?

Deputy US Marshal Archer King comes from a family of law keepers. His father was a US Marshal, and his mother worked as a Pinkerton Agent with Kate Warne. When his only sister passed on in childbirth, his brother-in-law swore he could care for the children on his own. And Archer was to check in on them, but in almost two years, he’s neglected that duty to his sister. When the father, Sam Hodge, goes missing, he finds out exactly what kind of dire situation the children have been subject to.

After being turned out of her home, Lottie heads to Durant, Oklahoma, where Sam Hodge and his two children live, in the hopes of becoming a new wife and mother. Only the mail-order situation does not turn out the way Lottie had hoped, and many of the things that Sam had told her in his letters turn out to be lies. The only thing true is the children, and Lottie is fast becoming attached to them. But what will happen when Sam is found? Will she have the opportunity to get a home and a family before Christmas?



Christmas in July in Australia

Christmas in July is also called Yulefest or Yuletide here in Australia.

It is celebrated in this month because July is normally the coldest month on the calendar for us. It is nice for us to be able to celebrate this special occasion in similar conditions to what our friends in the Northern Hemisphere do on December 25th when it is winter.

Hearty foods, roast dinner, warm drinks and toasty open fires (boosted by central heating in some cases). In the last few years it has become quite popular with more and more people celebrating it now. 

 Check out the Spinster Mail-Order Brides Christmas in July Series NOW!

New Release – Logan – Bachelors and Babies

New Release from Margaret Tanner!

A baby is discarded in the wilderness of South Dakota.

Rancher, Logan McGregor, finds an abandoned baby and decides to keep her. He names her Alice after his dead wife. This child will fill the void in his lonely heart.

Missie, a woman with no memory, is incarcerated in a local jail. She is crazy according to the Marshall, but she can provide the one thing Logan desperately needs – milk for baby Alice. Against his better judgement, he takes Missie to his ranch.

When Missie’s memory finally returns, will her explosive recollections bring them all together or tear them apart?

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New Mail Order Bride Series!

Cover Reveal!

For those of you following my Mail Order Brides of Dayton Falls series, this book is a prequel to that series.
A Bride for Christmas is part of a new multi-author mail order bride series, and because Post Master Pete is mentioned in at least two of my Dayton Falls books, and plays a bigger part in book four, the latest book, I thought it was time he had his own story.
It is completely stand alone, so if you haven’t read that series, you won’t be lost. (All the books in this new series are totally stand alone.)
This book is currently on pre-order and releases July 11.

The Blacksmith’s Reluctant Bride is Live!

The day has finally arrived! The Blacksmith’s Reluctant Bride is now live.

This is book four in the Mail Order Brides of Dayton Falls, and I loved writing this story as much as I did the other three books in the series.

I love the familiarity of the town and the characters who have been introduced in previous books.

I also love bringing in new characters, and letting them get to know each other, building their relationship and the trust between them.

I especially love giving them the happy ever after they so very much deserve.

New Release – November – Calendar Men

Just released, November, Book 11 in the Calendar Men Series.

Matt Page is thirsting for revenge against the man who had him wrongfully kicked out of the army. He wants to destroy everything his enemy holds dear. Even his daughter, Jo.

What will Matt do when his plan backfires? After he banishes Jo from his life he realizes he loves her. Can he forget past injustices and win her back? Or is he doomed to a life of regret for what he could have had – a loving wife and family.



Calendar Men Series Book Five – Now Available

May – Book Five of the popular Calendar Men Series is NOW AVAILABLE!

What happens when your heart is devoted to the one person you can never have?

When she arrives back home and you hope it’s forever, but know it won’t be.

What if you could change her mind, get her to stay?

Could that be a reality, or have you been dreaming of something that could never be?

Can this cowboy change his soulmate’s mind, or will she leave him again – this time forever?


She left to start a new career ten years ago, and his heart shattered. Now she’s back, and the sparks have reignited.
But she’s set to leave again in a matter of weeks. How do two friends reconcile when nothing is promised?
After Sierra West suddenly left town, Braxton Chalmers tried to move on with his life. But thoughts of her always taunted him, to the point no other woman could ever live up to her standards.
Sierra West returned to the outback town of Oakdale after the death of her beloved grandmother. Seeing Braxton again has reignited past emotions. She can’t allow these feelings to surface again – she must return to the city once her business in Oakdale is done.
Can they just remain friends? Or will fate step in and show them they were meant to be together?

Author’s Promise: This is a heartwarming contemporary western novella with a happily ever after ending and no cliffhangers. It is a clean and wholesome story with nothing more than hugs, kisses, and holding hands.

Each book is a complete stand alone, with no connection to the other books in the series, except that each story is written around a particular month.

Therefore, you can read any book in the series, without having read any others.