Cowboy Code of Ethics by Cheryl Wright

When I was working on my latest book today, I mentioned (in the story) about the cowboy code of ethics, and how one of the ethics was to treat women with respect and dignity.

This code dates back to the Wild West where times and cowboys could be pretty rough.

I did a bit of research after I’d finished writing, and did find several images that portray the cowboy code of ethics, but none of them validated my belief.

Due to copyright laws, I’m unable to post any of the images here, but I can however link to them. I found this one on Pinterest. Click here to see it.

The other thing I discovered, which surprised me, is there’s an official website for the Cowboy Code of Ethics, which I found fascinating.

On the right hand side of that site you will see the actual code of ethics. Nowhere does it mention treating women with respect. It made me think about how things get passed down over the years. It’s a bit like “Chinese Whispers” which we used to play as kids.

One person is given a message, which they have to whisper to the next person in line, who whispers to the next in line and so on. At the end of the line (usually at least six people), the message is relayed to everyone.

It is extremely rare for the interpretation to be the same as the original.

I believe that’s how the “cowboy’s creed” as it is also known, has been changed around, but it also seems to be somewhat open to interpretation.

Not sure about you, but I find this sort of thing intriguing. I guess that’s why I became a writer.



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