Guilford Crossing Brides Series

Guildford Crossing Brides Series

Historical Western Romance


Book One – Lily

Lily has lost everything, her home, her family and her reputation.
Matt is desperately in need of a young woman to help him care for his recently orphaned niece, and a marriage of convenience would be the solution to all their problems.
When the secrets Matt and Lily harbor are finally exposed, will their union end in happiness or despair?

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Book Two – Freddie

A catastrophic event delivers Winifred (Freddie) Guilford, into the arms of reclusive rancher Nicholas Brown.

Brought up by a tyrannical father, Freddie and her sisters dress and work like men. Nicholas is a suspicious loner who shuns people. Will their chance of finding happiness together be ruined by events from the past?

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Book Three – Alfie

Alfreda (Alfie) Guilford, is a dead woman walking.
Her ruthless in-laws, the Montagues, want her dead.
If she is carrying a Montague heir, the death sentence will be delayed until after the baby is born. Overhearing their diabolical plans, Alfie flees.
Bounty Hunter, Eli Darcy, is hired by the Montagues to bring Alfie in.
Once the pair meet, sparks fly between them and Eli has to make a choice. Turn Alfie in and collect a huge reward, or follow his heart and marry her.

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Book Four – Alex

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Defying her father, Alexandra (Alex) Guilford, begins a perilous journey through Texas to rescue her missing sister.
She expects to encounter danger and deception before her mission is accomplished. What she doesn’t anticipate is finding love.
If Noah Greene is caught, he will hang.
Under such dire circumstance can Alex and Noah’s love prevail? Or are the obstacles just too great?

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