Introducing Romance Author Louise Reynolds

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First Kiss from Her Italian Aristocrat by Louise Reynolds

Published by Destiny Romance, a digital first imprint of Penguin Books   Australia.

Her Italian Aristocrat cover

She leaned towards him, standing on tiptoes in those ridiculously sexy shoes, and ran her palms up the front of his shirt until she grabbed the lapels of his coat and jerked him towards her. Her lips parted, two lush pillows already swollen by his kiss. The soft pink tip of her tongue ran slowly across her top lip. And then returned via the bottom one. She was in total control and she knew it. He stared at the intriguing shadow of her downcast dark eyelashes on the pale, freckle-dusted skin. In a nanosecond, she raised her eyes and gave him a quick, sexy smile, before she yanked harder on the lapels and her lips met his.

No brutal assault, this was a playful, sexy tease of a kiss, as those provocative lips parted and danced across his in several soft promising buffs. He shuddered, feeling desire build deep inside and she seized the advantage, taking her kiss from playful to scorching in one powerful surge. Her tongue tangled with his, challenging him, teasing him. He might die a happy man there and then.








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  1. Her Italian Aristocrat is a delightful warm story filled with romance and touched with warmth.

    Lovely story Louise and can’t wait to read the next.


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