Carson’s Christmas Bride – New Release

She’s a southern belle that didn’t plan on being a mother to four children. He’s a U.S. Deputy Marshal that never planned on getting married. But fate has other things in mind…

U.S. Marshal Carson Harlow loves the wild frontier of Texas. He’s used to living rough and doesn’t need a woman or children to interfere with what he’s best at—minding the law and putting the bad guys in their place.

It’s too bad, then, when he crosses paths with Sarah Baker, a beautiful young mail-order bride who’s struck out twice when it comes to finding love. A woman who needs everything Carson has, and has everything he needs.

Sadly, though, Carson’s past won’t let him get too close to the raven-haired Southern belle whose face he can’t seem to forget. And while Sarah’s becoming more and more friendly with the brave young deputy every day, old relationships have a tendency to come creeping back.

But when a smallpox outbreak threatens everything they know, they’ll rethink everything that they once believed . . . and be tested in ways that put their very lives at stake.


The Barber’s Christmas Bride – New Release

I am very pleased to announce my latest novella, The Barber’s Christmas Bride (Book Two, Mail Order Brides of Dayton Falls) is now available!!
Until her employer’s violence had her fearing for her life, Allie MacIntosh had never been desperate enough to become a mail order bride.

Small town barber, Charlie Jones is lonely. He lives for his work and not much else. He wants someone to share his life, and a mail order bride is his only hope.

When Allie arrives, Charlie is instantly smitten, but will she ever feel the same way about him? And what is the terrible secret she is hiding?

Charlie needs a Christmas miracle because if he can’t solve these problems, their relationship is doomed.

Author’s Promise: This is a heartwarming Christmas novella with a happily ever after ending and no cliffhangers. It is a clean and wholesome story with nothing more than hugs, kisses, and holding hands.

*Also available via KU

An Unexpected Christmas in Sampson’s Quarry: A Sampson’s Quarry Mystery – New Release

Amazon Review from SLA – 5 Stars

I found this to be a very sweet holiday romance. It was a quick read, and the two main characters, Nancy and Conor, were very likeable characters. Nancy and Conor get stranded at a remote house due to bad weather, and end up learning how well they get along together. There’s a small mystery involving a runaway dog, and a nice HEA ending. This is book 4 in the Samson’s Quarry series, but I hadn’t read the previous books and was able to enjoy this one just fine as a standalone story.

An Unexpected Christmas in Sampson’s Quarry: A Sampson’s Quarry Mystery
by Sophie Tucker

All she wants for Christmas…

Nancy is ready for the holidays, if only because she has scheduled a trip out of town to meet up with her old college roommate. All she has to do is get through a Christmas party, one last appointment with a client, and then she’s off to the airport for her vacation in Colorado where she will have nothing to do but sit in a ski lodge for the week and look cute.

There’s no place like home for the holidays…

Conor has been working almost non-stop for the last year. He is more than ready for some time off. He is happy to spend Christmas with his crazy family, but after Christmas he’s on his own. He hasn’t decided what he will do. He might even just stay home and sleep all day, but he definitely wants some peace and quiet.

Baby, it’s cold outside…

Plans go awry when Nancy’s car dies and a winter storm traps her and Conor at her client’s house. After hearing strange noises and realizing certain items have gone missing, Nancy and Conor realize they are not as alone as they thought.



No Christmas Cheer For These Ladies Of The Old West- Margaret Tanner

There was no Christmas cheer for these ladies, Claire, Tess, Flame, Sophie, Scarlett and Jessica, from my Women Betrayed Series. (Previously part of the Soiled Doves Series)


Their life was a fight for survival in the old West after being betrayed by unscrupulous men. Follow the journey of each these courageous young women as they find love and redemption and their HEA, in the arms of a decent, loving man who appreciates them for what they are, and not who they were.

Sophie – Book 4.



New Release from Traci Wooden-Carlisle

Missing the Gift
(Chandler County Novel Book 3)

Her life depends on her ability to hide her identity.
Loving him may cost her everything

Eight years ago she was left for dead and Maddison Baer gained a life. It wasn’t her real life, but it was more than she’d had before. Pretending to care about her looks and social lifestyle was sometimes more exhausting than fun. Lying to her only real friend was hard, but if it kept her safe, she could do it.

Then there was Ryan Gramble. A man that made Maddison speechless.

Ryan has spent years running from one challenge to another. He’s come to Chandler County to face and deal with his previous traumas and come from under his family’s overprotective wing. He has used his love for horses as a way to treat himself and others with equine therapy. He prides himself on his ability to read people.
Still, he isn’t ready for Dr. Maddison Baer, with that beautiful face and those disturbingly familiar eyes…that lie.

Their attraction is instantaneous, but neither is willing to pursue what they believe is an ill-fated relationship. That is, until danger comes perilously close to Maddison and she is forced to seek refuge amongst the lights and glitter of Chandler County at Christmas. As the threat looms Ryan steps up to keep Maddison safe only to find that they are in danger of falling for one another.

Will they give in and accept the gift they’ve been denying themselves?

This inspirational interracial romantic suspense is part of the Chandler County multi-author branded series.
This standalone is my third book in this series.