New Release from Margaret Tanner

Lily  is Book One of a new Western Romance series from Margaret Tanner called Guilford Crossing Brides.

Lily has lost everything, her home, her family and her reputation.
Matt is desperately in need of a young woman to help him care for his recently orphaned niece, and a marriage of convenience would be the solution to all their problems.
When the secrets Matt and Lily harbor are finally exposed, will their union end in happiness or despair?
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The Battle of Hamel –  4th July 1918.

Under the command of Australian General Sir John Monash, the Australians and Americans, (diggers and doughboys), fought side by side in France in the Battle of Hamel on 4th July 1918. In honour of the doughboys he was commanding, General Sir John Monash had chosen America’s Independence Day, as the date of the offensive.

Despite an agreement between The British commander-in-chief, Douglas Haig and America’s General John Pershing, that American forces were only to be used in defensive roles, Pershing let Monash have four companies of soldiers for the attack. Also, for the first time on a battlefield, tanks were used to bring up supplies behind the advancing troops. The battle was a spectacular success, and laid the foundation for future victories and the end of hostilities on the Western Front.

At 11a.m. on the 11th November, 1918, an Armistice was signed and the guns fell silent. The Great War had ended, but the repercussions for both our countries would be felt for years to come.

I have written four books set against a background of WW1.


When Harriet Martin masquerades as a boy to help her shell-shocked brother in 1916, falling in love with their boss wasn’t part of the plan.


In 1916, on the French battlefields, a dying soldier’s confession has the power to ruin the woman he loves.


Nurse Amy Smithfield finds love on the French battlefields, but risks losing it in the slums of London’s East end.


Three men stole Lauren’s love, only one will keep it.


Margaret writes Historical Western Romance and Historical Romance





New Contemporary Romance Release – Cheryl Wright

I am very pleased to announce “Jason” – Book Two in the River Valley Lawmen series has been released.

Officer Jason Sawyer is in love with Melanie Bishop. He is devastated when she leaves him without a word. Six months later she suddenly shows up again, in desperate need of his help.

Melanie has never stopped loving Jason, but she fears he will turn her away when he discovers the secret she’s been keeping from him.

Will love conquer all, or will Melanie’s secret tear them apart?

Author’s Promise: This is a heartwarming Second Chance Romance with a happily ever after ending and no cliffhangers. It is a clean and wholesome story with nothing more than hugs, kisses, and holding hands.

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AllAuthor Interview with Cheryl Wright

Cheryl Wright latest interview by AllAuthor A teacher and writer, author Cheryl Wright was a horse-gal as a child and a rockstar as a teenager. She is very sensitive to the needs of her readers, which is why she has decided to write a spin-off series for the beloved Deputy Chris Dolan from the Callahan Brothers series. This series will be called River Valley Lawmen and is the next masterpiece she is working on. To make her Historical Fiction accurate, Cheryl spends a lot of time researching about clothing, hairstyles, food, and even medicines of a specific period of time. She surfs the internet as well as the world to uncover such information. She states that the most important thing for a writer is to never give up, to keep writing in order to improve and to have faith in the art as a career. She understands that books are subjective and that criticism is also often accompanied by praise, which helps her deal with it better. For someone who has had many near-death experiences, Cheryl Wright feels like it’s an accomplishment just to be alive! Read full interview…