Amazon Countdown Deal – Savage Possession

My historical novel, Savage Possession, is only 99 cents on Amazon at the moment in the new Amazon Countdown Deal.

A sweeping tale of love’s triumph over tragedy and treachery in frontier Australia.

A mistaken identity opens the door for Martin Mulvaney to take his revenge on the granddaughter of his mortal enemy.

An old Scottish feud, a love that should never have happened, and a series of extraordinary coincidences traps two lovers in a family vendetta that threatens to destroy their love, if not their lives.




In 1860’s Australia, if a poor man could not afford to buy kerosene for his lamp, he had to use a slush lamp. Slush lamps were made by half filling a container with clay, then topping it up with mutton fat. A piece of worsted material wrapped around a stick formed a wick.  These lamps threw out some light, but they were smelly and smoky, and only used as a last resort.

Margaret Tanner writes well researched historical romances set in early Australia.

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